The Gauntlet of Emotion: Ben Parker on his Claustrophobic Feature Debut The Chamber

FrightFest has always tried to instil an emphasis on family – individuals connected by a shared affection for genre cinema. Writer-director Ben Parker’s debut feature The Chamber (2016) had its UK Premiere at FrightFest 2016, and recalling Scorsese’s words about the role the cinema played in ushering him into a filmmaking career, Parker’s film echoes such a sentiment. Looking back on the experience Parker says: “It was fantastic. I was very nervous about showing it to FrightFest because I know they are hardcore horror fans and this is not a hardcore horror film. But but it reminded and reassured me that it’s not just hardcore horror, they appreciate the whole genre. They appreciate good films, good tension, good suspense and good scares. I go to FrightFest every year and so to premiere the film there was special.”

In conversation with FrightFest Parker discussed the regrettable approach cinema is taking to pursuing audience interest, the business versus the art, and the flexibility for a storyteller to learn outside of the actual filmmaking process. He also shared his thoughts on the relationship of the audience to a film in the scope of responsibility and ownership.

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