The Vengeful Call of the Female Loner – Alice Lowe the Making of Prevenge

While pregnancy is typically seen as a cause for celebration, here at FrightFest, where we lean towards ‘The Dark Heart of Cinema’, we frown upon maternal instincts suffocating a penchant for bloodshed. None of this sweet and happy nonsense, give us violent and disturbing tales. Fortunately, star and writer-director of Prevenge (2016) Alice Lowe shares our feelings, cultivating a pregnancy revenge comedy with a body count.

Lowe’s directorial debut feature is one that she looks upon as an inevitable step on her creative journey. “I think it was something that sort of happened gradually because I started off in devised theatre and it took me a long time before I thought, oh, I am creating these characters, that means I’m a writer. And then I started to really enjoy having control creatively over the content I was acting in, and directing just seemed the next natural step really.” But Prevenge is one that captures the spirit of independent filmmaking. “You look at what’s around you before you start writing and then you write something that’s tailored to the situation” she explains. “I would say to any first time filmmaker or any film student to look at what you’ve got around you and my film is a perfect example of that. Well what’s the situation? I’m pregnant, I’ve got a pregnancy bump and I don’t have to pay prosthetics for that.”

In conversation with FrightFest, Lowe discussed the question behind the idea that formed the genesis of the film, the moral issues of dubious characters, and the challenges and surprises in the editing and reception of the film.

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