Filmmaker as Author and Audience: Babak Anvari Discusses Under the Shadow

If impatience should be associated as one of youth’s negative traits, then Babak Anvari’s debut feature Under the Shadow (2016) is a strange beast. An accomplished exercise in suspense, the cultivation of suspense, terror and fright that define it as a slow burn horror of merit is executed with a meticulous patience.

Ahead of the home entertainment release, Anvari in conversation with FrightFest looked back to the significant influences of film and comic books in his formative years. He also discussed the process of filmmaking, the symbiotic relationship of instinct and preparation, the subtle surprises of the actor and how he looks upon the experience of his feature debut ahead of his sophomore Hitchcockian neo-noir feature.

Read the full interview at FrightFest Gore in the Store.


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